Direct franchise
With good business reputation, professional ethics and social relations;

2, with the concept of modern marketing and brand management capabilities, the configuration of professional marketing team:(1) network development, management, tracking service personnel;(2) project information collection, tracking, service personnel;(3) professional marketing management, customer service personnel. 3, to establish a good image of the store.(1) siting requirements: exhibition hall set up in the stream of people concentrated area or large building materials market, the shop is located in the building materials market channel for the main entrance, the busy street and street areaFor better;A, big cities: major construction materials market, the main traffic port.B, small and medium cities:

Actively expand the sales network
Pay attention to the construction of the straight chain store, establish a scientific and rational distribution system.

1, after sales service: (1) delivery to the door and provide free shop guidance; (2) to deal with quality complaints in a timely manner; (3) good protection measures for the distribution network in the region. 2, to the enterprise has good loyalty, to "crown jewels" as the only brand or flagship brand and strictly perform dealer's contract, franchise stores operating manuals etc.Responsibilities and obligations stipulated by the document, comply with the company standard for franchisee requirements